PULLING BACK THE CURTAIN: ‘A travesty of modern health care’ in Newmarket hospital’s teeming ICU

The ICU, which provides critical care and life support to acutely ill and injured patients, is laid out in a semicircle on the third floor. Rooms and workspaces are separated, posing challenges for staff, and further challenges in the winter when a surge of too many patients necessitates another ICU on another floor — something Nathanson calls “a travesty of modern health care.”

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PULLING BACK THE CURTAIN: When the flow doesn’t flow, Newmarket hospital battles congestion

Southlake Regional Health Centre is embarking on a campaign to bring a new hospital to York Region. This summer, administrators opened the doors, and pulled back the curtains, to show the public why this new space is so desperately needed. Metroland toured the hospital to see the struggle firsthand and spoke with physicians, nurses and patients about the challenges they face in the overcrowded facility.

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