A New Southlake

Throughout 2019 Southlake engaged with the communities we serve to develop a new Master Plan.

Our Master Plan is our vision of the infrastructure needed to care for our communities for the years and decades to come.

On this website you can learn about why a new Southlake is needed, review the plan itself, and get involved.

Understand The Need

The communities served by Southlake are among the fastest growing and aging in Ontario and in recent years Southlake has become one of the most overcrowded hospitals in the province.

Southlake Regional Health Centre recognizes and acknowledges the lands originally used and occupied by the First Peoples of the Williams Treaties First Nations and other Indigenous Peoples, and on behalf of Southlake, we would like to thank them for sharing this land. We would also like to acknowledge the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation as our closest First Nation community and recognize the unique relationship the Chippewas have with the lands and waters of this territory. They are the water protectors and environmental stewards of these lands and we join them in these responsibilities.