Where will the new hospital be located?

At this point we have not selected a location for the new hospital. The location will be selected through a formal process based on a number of factors but primarily driven by optimizing access to care for the communities we serve.

What will happen to the Davis Drive site?

Our Master Plan envisions building a new state-of the art hospital at a new location with a primarily acute focus while we reconfigure the existing Davis Drive campus for ambulatory and lower acuity services with a particular focus on geriatrics. It is anticipated that some services will be retained at the existing campus for a time over the course of the phased redevelopment.

When will the new facility open?

Given the complex and dynamic nature of a large hospital redevelopment such as this, the planning and implementation is governed by a comprehensive process involving several stages of approvals. Similar to other recent hospital projects of this size, it is anticipated that the process will take the better part of a decade to complete.

What does “phased redevelopment” mean?

A phased redevelopment is where the end state is achieved through a series of smaller sequential projects or phases. Southlake is continuing to work closely with the Ministry of Health on the phasing details.

What will the $5M be used for?

The $5M planning grant will support Southlake carrying out the next stages of planning in the Ministry of Health’s capital development process.

What are the next steps?

Southlake is working closely with the Ministry of Health on the next steps of this project and we anticipate moving into a process called “functional programming” soon. This allows us to articulate the programs and services that will be accommodated in the new and renovated facilities. As part of this there will be many opportunities for the community to provide input, share their perspectives and shape the development of a new Southlake.

When/how will the public be able to provide input and be involved in the next steps of the planning process?

Input from the communities we serve is critically important as we plan for a new Southlake. Similar to the engagement approach we used to develop our Master Plan, there will be many opportunities for the community to be involved in the planning for a new Southlake. Click here  to subscribe for email updates.